Linking my psychopy experiment to another platform

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Description of the problem:
I built my experiment (a rhythm task) in PsychoPy and I can run it. My university has a platform (Unipark) that we use to collect all other data. I now want to somehow link the rhythm task into the existing experiment so that participants first fill out all questionnaires in Unipark and are then somehow directed to the experiment in PsychoPy- best case would be they click on a link and the experiment starts. Also I want all participants to do this rhythm task twice in total. How is this possible? Thank you in advance!


We have some documentation on how to link to external websites here. Could you provide more details on what you mean by doing the the rhythm task twice? If it’s simply back to back, you can just place the run link of your task into the Completed URL field in the Online tab of Experiment Settings.