Limits on useVersion?

I’m trying to get all of my collaborators to get onboard with psychopy, but I’m doing most of the developing. I thought I would take advantage of the useVersion / “Use PsychoPy version” but it doesn’t quite seem to work.

Reproducible error steps (on Win64):
What works: I am using Standalone 2021.1.4. I create a new project with just an image and no adjustments. The script runs fine and exits cleanly with a few warnings.

The error: I use the gear icon to set “Use PsychoPy version” to 2022.2.5 and disable the “Show info dialog” (fewer clicks) and disable the “Enable Escape key” (more complicated error). I tell it to run and now I receive the following error (among others):

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\CCL\psychopy_dev\version_test\", line 179, in <module>
AttributeError: 'Clock' object has no attribute 'addTime'

Is this just a known limitation of useVersion? Should I just upgrade my standalone and update my other experiments to useVersion to an earlier version instead? Or is there a bug where useVersion is not pulling the right version of builder components? The more complicated error is that the iohub content also seems to not work correctly in the use 2022.2.5 version.

Edit: On my development version (with the latest git update from the development branch as of this edit), it throws the same error when instructed to use 2022.2.5. Is there a bug in the 2022.2.5 library?