Issues with switching between versions

Description of the problem:
I created an experiment in the builder in version 2023.1, but then wanted to change the version to 2022.5. I changed the settings, “Use PsychoPy version” to 2022.2.5. I’m now getting a htmlAlert 4051:

Experiment was built in a future version of PsychoPy (2023.1.0rc8), we recommend either updating PsychoPy or changing the "Use Version" setting in Experiment Settings to this version.

I’ve tried a bunch of approaches, including reinstalling different versions of PsychoPy, and changing “Use PsychoPy version” in the builder, and I can’t get rid of this error. I’m getting several problems when I run the program in psychJS (both through pavlovia, and local), and I suspect that this is the root cause of some of these. It seems like the best option at this point is to completely rebuild the experiment with the psychopy version that I want, without using the “Use Version” setting.

Am I missing something here? Is it possible that the “Use PsychoPy version” functionality is not robust in the latest version?