Key_resp.rt output in excel makes no sense

I am using a lexical decision task and I want to analyse RTs. The experiment works perfectly fine, however the RT output in excel does not really make sense to me. I added a screenshot for better understanding. The cell only shows #### and when I click on it a number appears in the edit bar which is cannot be true!

I would be grateful for any help!
Thank you!

That does seem super odd! Does this happen when you open the file in any other package? Please could you attach the .csv file here? perhaps it is a funky excel setting!


Hello Linda,

Excel displays ### in case the cell content in longer that the column is wide. Simply adjust the column width (Format -> Autofit column width).

Best Jens

Thank you for your reply. However the number does not have a decimal symbol in the first 10+ digits so I dont think it will display the correct reaction time if I change the cell format.

Hey Becca, so here is the original csv. But if it’s an excel problem, I will not bother you with it.
test_FPT+LDT_A_2021_Jan_18_1720.csv (2.0 KB)

Hello Linda,

the fact that Excel display ### instead of number has nothing to do with the cell format but just the size of column.

The fact that the decimal sign is not properly recognized has nothing to do with the fact that Excel displays # instead of the number. There are several ways to get Excel to properly recognize the decimal sign.

  • use Excel text import instead of simply loading the file via the file open menu or double-click. When using text import, you are able to specific the decimal sign in the process.

  • change the default that Excel uses as a decimal sign in the menu options

  • change the decimal sign with another program (e.g. notepad++ on win10) such that Excel recognizes it afterwards

  • use LibreOffice or OpenOffice, these programs are better than Excel when importing csv.

Best wishes Jens

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Hi Linda,

I would follow @JensBoelte suggestions here - the data appears fine in my excel settings so I think it is an excel issue rather than a psychopy issue.