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When response.rt is greater than 1, I can't see my runtime properly

Hey there,
I finally fixed all my problems I had earlier but now there is a really big issue I just noticed…
My response.rt data that I get in the csv file is only working as long as my runtime is smaller than 1 second.
As soon as somebody is taking longer than 1 second to answer to the stimulus there is only an ‘#’ sign in my csv file:
(Here e.g. in the 7th, 8th and last line of response.rt)

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-05 um 17.16.35

When I clicked on that sign I saw something similar to the runtime, but it was the wrong format. It looked like this then:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-05 um 16.59.54

(7th line e.g should have been something like 2.0117264… and not 20.117.264…)

So now my question is, what could I have done wrong and how can I fix this probem?
I just want the runtime that is greater than 1 to appear just the same as the runtime smaller than 1 (because it works just fine there).

I would be very thankful for anybody help! Maybe somebody had the same problem once…
Thanks a lot in advance!!

Best wishes,

I think that is just Excel messing with you: Here is a Microsoft support post dealing with your problem

The data is there, Excel just doesn’t display it, because it is longer than the number of digits you allow to be displayed.

I was going to reply the same except that the value seems to have multiple decimal points when revealed.

If it’s a csv, you could quickly check what these entries look like by opening the file with notepad ++, or you could read in the data with R or Python with Pandas. All of these programs shouldn’t show the behaviour Excel does here.

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I agree it’s important to find out if this is an Excel quirk or if the data is malformed in PsychoPy

Thank you so much @LukasPsy and @wakecarter! I will check with notepad ++ if this happens there as well. Probably it is really just an excel issue.

Thanks for taking the time!