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Kerning / rendering problems for TextStim

Version: v1.85.2
Monitor: 1680x1050

I am having issues displaying text stimuli.

Sometimes the kerning is questionable such that letters will seem to fuse (e.g., “warn” will look like “wam”).
As an attempt to address this, I tried switching my stimuli to a fixed-width font (“Courier”). When I do this, the font remains in Arial and becomes glitchy.

Please advise how to either 1) fix Arial’s kerning or 2) successfully switch to Courier.

Project at if it helps.

Bumping this…

Here’s a composite image I made of several stimuli typical of the kerning problems.


You can see that the letter “n” gets an amount shaved off the right, and that there’s unusually little space following an “r”.

I could probably live with this, but it would be nice to have the kerning right so that the text is more legible. Again, I’d be happy to switch to a fixed-width font, but changing font to “Courier” in builder doesn’t seem to actually change the font – just makes it glitchy.

I guess this might be on Windows, where kerning is always ugly…

If you want to switch fonts, you need to refer to the font using it’s exact name (which won’t necessarily be what you see displayed to you in font menus). Check this post for some code that will list the actual font names you can use on your particular system:

That code could be run in the shell tab of the PsychoPy Coder window.

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