Display Hindi words

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I am designing an experiment which requires Hindi language words on screen.
Now it is displaying words but upper and lower part of word is not visible. In the end word is appearing on screen with cut upper and lower part of word.

Any suggestions.

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The normal advice here is just to try using another font - but this can be hit-and-miss.

With the standard Text component, the actual drawing of the text is handled by a third-party library and is not directly under PsychoPy’s control. But in the latest release, it might be worth using the new TextBox component rather than the Text component. The TextBox component is designed for subjects to be able to type text into, so you will find it under the “Response” component tab. But you can set it to be non-editable so it works just like a regular Text component. The difference is that it doesn’t rely on a third party text library, with all its drawing code belonging to PsychoPy itself. That means we can fix glitches as they arise.

We are intending for this to provide much better rendering of non-European text. So please try it out, and let us know if you have any issues (ideally providing some sample text and screenshots).


Thank you for your reply. As i can not see TextBox component in builder view, as i am using 2020.1.3.
tried arious fonts but same problem is there

displaying in the psychoy…

how it required

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Thanks for the screenshots. Could you also provide the actual text so that we can copy and paste it to use for testing?

Thanks for your response.
here some words…


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Thanks for this. I tried some of that text using the TextBox component, and it actually does worse than the old Text component (only boxes are shown using Arial, and an error occurs when trying to use a full Unicode font like Arial Unicode MS). I have posted a bug report here:

and will follow up with @jon to see if we can get better Unicode support here.

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Thank a lot @Michael for your help and support.

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any suggestion regarding textbox component in online version v2020.1.3.

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That is a good point. Text display in general should be better online, as we aren’t using Python packages for text drawing. Instead, Pavlovia uses web technologies, which should be pretty good at handling most languages.

So you could actually test your existing experiment - even the standard text component should do well. I’ve just run a test in local debug mode, and this is what happens (specifying Arial, the top one is the standard text component, the bottom one is the new TextBox (just realised I left the bold, italic, and various background settings on for that)):

If you are thinking of running online, you should upgrade your version of PsychoPy to the latest version anyway: there has been some very active development in fixing issues since the version you are using:


Thanks for your response.
I have updated psychopy to latest version.
tried with text component, same problem is there, with Arial.

with textbox component
it is showing this error message.

i am running it online.
“TypeError: state.toLowerCase is not a function”

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I’m getting this error on my first attempt to use an editable text box online. This is the only thread that I find when searching for the error. Any ideas?

I was facing the same problem initially. The top and bottom part of the text did not appear.
The solution that worked for me is, using ALT- ENTER to insert a line break above and below the words in every cell of the loopTemplate/ the excel file that I am using in the design. It creates enough space in the cell for the top and bottom part of the word to appear completely while running online. While doing so you can increase the row height in the excel file for your convenience.

I hope it will be a helpful suggestion.

Thank You


Thank you, your suggestion was very helpful. :slight_smile: