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Character presentation error

Dear Psychopy community, this is my first time using this software, and I may need your help.

I am going to put Chinese characters as a stimul, but the characters do not show fully but only a part of that character, the left up part. But this does not happen when I try English words.

Could anyone help me out of this problem? Thx!!!

Have you tried changing the font name, as suggested in numerous threads in this forum?

Hi Michael

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I have tried some fonts that mentioned in other forums but it didn’t really work, thought the font is changed the characters remain cut off.

I am wondering if it can be the problem about the size but don’t how to edit the size of characters, do you have some suggestions?

Many thanks again.

This is very likely a font issue, which is outside of the control of PsychoPy. It likely means you just need to try some more options.

If it is due to something else, we couldn’t tell without seeing a screenshot and the settings of your text component.

Hi Michael

Yes I found that is caused by the font types as well and the good news is I have find the font which could solve this problem.

The font is
华为黑体, which can be directedly used on Mac, and the presentation of Chinese character will be totally fine.

Hope this finding can help other people who may face the same problem.

And really appreciated for looking into this problem Michael, thank you so much.


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