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Problem with text display - Chinese characters cropped

OS : Sierra 10.12.6
PsychoPy version : 1.85.4
I’ve built a Stroop task in different languages using builder (no knowledge in Python at all).
Chinese version (both simplified and traditional) displays cropped characters.
I tried modifying the hight and the Wrap Width values, but didn’t work. I have also tried changing font type and size in the stimulus file, but that didn’t help either…
I don’t have a problem with Hebrew, Arabic or Russian characters…
Any advice?
Many thanks,

Maybe look into solutions for this issue:

Thanks, but that doesn’t help. I need a solution that would work with Mac, and ideally in builder…



Hi again,

I figured it out following the thread on:!topic/psychopy-users/EtKszAYLhBo

I changed the font name from the default Arial to Songti SC.Thanks to Daniel Riggs.

It now works with both Traditional and Simplified Mandarin.



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