JsPsych experiment to PscyhoPy for EEG study

Hi everyone!
I made a whole task using JsPsych a while ago, but my requirements have changed from running an online experiment to running an EEG experiment. Therefore, I’m thinking of changing to Psychopy, as JsPsych doesn’t seem to support EEG triggering (there’s only this extension GitHub - rivasd/jsPsychHardware: A Google Chrome Extension and native hosts allowing jspsych to interact with hardware, which hasn’t been updated in a few years) and Psychopy seems to do so.
I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to proceed in the most efficient way, e.g., 1) whether to build another experiment from scratch in PsychoPy builder, 2) try to use the outdated extension in JsPscych, or 3) somehow convert part of the Javascript code to Python (maybe with this GitHub - PiotrDabkowski/Js2Py: JavaScript to Python Translator & JavaScript interpreter written in 100% pure Python🚀 Try it online:) and build a Psyschopy experiment with the Coder (I’m only a beginner in Python though).

Thank you!

Hi @Priscila_B, I vote for 1 with maybe some 3 sprinkled in. Depending on the complexity of your experiment, the builder approach allows you to build it quite fast and does only require Python coding if you need some custom functionality. And even if you need to code Python, it should not be a huge challenge for you if you already coded a full experiment in jsPsych. When in doubt, you can use the translator to maybe translate certain specific segments of the code, but I don’t think you will come far by translating big chunks of it. Hope that helps!

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I also found this jodeleeuw/p300-demo: Simple oddball detection experiment using jsPsych and EEG (github.com) - maybe it would be a solution?

thank you! that’s very reasonable. :slight_smile: