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Psychpy vs jspsych offline

Dear All,

I am supervising students in building RT tasks. They need to be able to run both in-lab and online experiments, and it make sense to use a code that can be easily applied on both environments.

I know that psychpy code can now be exported to html (cool staff). Yet it might make more sense for us to use jspych online and offline,thus minimising the need to switch platforms.

My question is: what would be the benefit of using psychopy vs jspsych offline? We dont have complicated visual stim, but would need accurate RT assessments.

I would really appriciate your advice. Thank you.

Hi @NShahar, if you want accurate and precise timing for lab based studies, then PsychoPy’s native app is the choice to go for, because web based studies cannot achieve the same level of timing due to the extra process involved in using a browser - however browser timing is not bad, there is generally a greater, but consistent, latency, which can be accounted for, and with more variability. To switch from local Python studies to browser JavaScript studies is minimal effort, since Builder creates both Python and JavaScript for you when you run the task locally, or online, respectively. Using Builder generated code is something we recommend over coding your own task, because the generated code ensures good timing, data collection etc. If you want to add custom code to your Builder-based task, then you can take advantage of Builders code components, used for inserting code snippets throughout the task.

Thank you for this. I think we are going to give it a go :slight_smile: