Running online study from coder / Psychojs

I have some questions on running an experiment online. Right now the experiment runs in my coder. It’s rather complicated and I’m using a main code which accesses several other codes. I was wondering if and how I could do an online study with this experiment. Do I need to write it in psychojs or is there a way to publish it directly from the coder? I am getting familiar with pavlovia, but it seems to work only from the builder, did I get this right?
If Psychojs would be the best option, are there any examples of working scripts?

Thanks a lot in advance,


Hi Kathrin,

There isn’t any way to translate a code Python script directly into PsychoJS.

Personally I would recommend rewriting your experiment in Builder with auto translated code components. However, writing it from scratch in PsychoJS is certainly also a possibility.

Best wishes,


Hi Wakefield,

thanks a lot for your quick response and your advice. So, are you suggesting to use the Py to JS autoconverter to translate the snipplets and then embed them in a PsychoJS script? Or did I get you wrong? And do you know of any PsychoJS scripts I could have look at? I’m trying to go through the documentation but it’s usually really helpful to see some script.

Again, thanks a lot!

I wasn’t suggesting that, though you could take that approach.

I haven’t tried jsPsych but here’s a link to a demo that might work