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Joining two separate psychopy

My course mate and I are designing a study for our final year project on PsychoPy. As we are in constricted to local restrictions and lockdowns we have both done one half of the study each on our own computers and we wanted to merge them. We were wondering if there is an easy way we can do this or whether just have to copy her part onto my computer manually.

Best wishes,

Hi Victoria,

Unfortunately there is no ‘out of box’ approach to merging. But you can use Experiment> copy routine and bring over the routines from a seperate file (you would need to add the loops yourselves though.

If you are going to continue working on a project together though, can I recommend using a free acount to do so. That way you can push the project to pavlovia, and add your lab mate as a team member to the project - there you can work on the same files! :slight_smile: