Adding multiple tasks to a single Pavlovian project

If I have three tasks all saved as different .psyexp files, is it possible to run them back to back as a single study on Pavlovia that outputs data for each task? Or will I need to save them all sequentially under one psyexp file?


If you have a licence then you might want to chain them (so the completed URL of each experiment forwards the participant number to the next study). However, if you don’t have a licence then you might not want to spend three times as much on credits.

.psyexp files can be opened in a text editor. If you don’t reuse any routine or component names then it should be possible to copy and paste routines from one .psyexp file to another to build up a composite experiment.

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Thanks @wakecarter , I was about to create a similar post myself.

A question though, why doesn’t Builder mode have the capability to merge multiple .psyexp file? Just curious. It would reduce a lot of my time collating the modules I have.


What would you like them to deprioritise in order to do this?

Remember that for years PsychoPy has been free software and the paid aspect is specific to online data collection which still needs a lot of work.

@wakecarter ,

My intent with that question was not to start a conversation on the priorities of the creators. Neither was to start an argument related to it. Apologies if it came across as such.

The intent was just to point out that it would be a helpful feature to have an option through which multiple tasks or modules could be combined into one .psyexp file. That would act as a positive addition to the software.

I completely understand that the creators have their own academic, research and other assignments and most of the work in the development of the software is voluntary in nature. And given the current circumstances, all of you have a lot of work on your hands too with the online platform. It was just a curious question, not a demand for good folks like you to deprioritise anything. Again, apologies if it came off as an entitled demand.


Understood and I’m sorry if I misread your tone.

I agree it would be a good feature to have one day.

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