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Japanese characters - text box not big enough

I am trying to display some Japanese sentences through the builder. I can import them from an excel file, but when they get displayed it seems as if they do not fit within the text box. I have uploaded a picture of the display. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Have you tried reducing the font size, the wrap width (made sure it’s in appropriate units) and ensured that there are spaces in the string of characters?


thanks for your response. Yes, I tried reducing font size and having spaces in between characters. I still have the same problem, the single characters are cut. I am not sure I understand the thing you say regarding the wrap width. As of now, I do not input anything in there.

Sorry, I misunderstood your issue. I thought that your text was getting cropped at the sides rather than the top and bottom.

I find that sometimes Western characters get clipped as well. There are two solutions.

  1. Add a newline character before and after the text to turn a single line display into multi line.

  2. Select a different font. What font are you currently using?