Increase character limit for typed in responses


I am using the textbox component in the Builder (locally) to get typed in responses. It works fine, but I am wondering whether it is possible to increase the limit of allowed characters? In the output file (.xlsx) the typed in response gets cut off. This would be useful to have in experiments where participants are asked to give their feedback/opinions and have to type in a longer answer.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Cleo,

Thanks for flagging this - I didn’t realise there was a character limit! Please could you give us some info on how many characters are saved to output in your current experiment? If possible please could you also share your experiment with us so that we can take a look!


Hey Becca,

Thanks for picking this up. I am afraid I cannot give you an exact amount of characters being saved to the output, because the behaviour is rather erratic. It is different each time. Oddly enough, this only applies to the .xlsx file. Data written in the .csv file does not get cut off. Unfortunately, the .csv output is not a viable option for me, because of postprocessing, so it would be really helpful if I could retrieve the full typed in answer in the .xlsx file.