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String of Letter input on Builder view to asnwer a question - can't get it to work

Hello. I am using version 1.84.2 on standard standalone Psychopy.
I am on builder view and in my experiment I ask the participants some questions. I am able to show the questions fine, however I am struggling to allow them to input a string of letters to be able to answer the question. Once the question has been answered I would like them to press the enter key to go onto the next question or the next block of the experiment.

I am quite new to Psychopy so any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

At the moment, PsychoPy doesn’t provide a built-in way for participants to type free-text responses (it will hopefully get this in the coming year). So in the interim, you’ll need to add some custom code snippets to get what you want. Try reading through these previous threads for ideas:

Thank you! Appreciate that, will check out the threads :slight_smile: