Issue with finding database data

I accidentally switched my experiment to database, got a data from a new participant and now I can’t figure out how to view this data. I switched back to CSV to download it and then back to database but I still can’t find the CSV datbase file. All I see is the .gz and log sheet for the participant. Does anyone have any advice on how to convert these to CSV or how to find the database file?

Switch to database.
Download data.
Open the zip file.
Look in the db folder

Hi wakecarter, I have done all of those steps but I can’t find the db folder- this would be located in the zip file correct?

What can you see in the zip file? Did your database participant finish? You have a log.gz file for them, right?

I see a bunch of csvs, log, and psydat data from when I was piloting/testing my experiment, log.gz and csv s for previous experiments, and then just a log.gz for this new data

edit: I’m pretty sure they finished, this was hours ago. I do have a log.gz for them.

Cool. And are you downloading the results from the experiment page, as opposed to just looking in the data folder.

yes- the data folder doesnt seem to be updating.

The database_allparticipants CSV file only appears in the zip download.

the zipdownloaded that appears after downloading the data from the experiment page? I think that’s what I was looking at in the picture I sent.

What is the zip file called? Is your experiment set to database at the moment you click on the green Download results button.

yes it is set to database before I click download. The zip file is called

That all looks right. I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing the database allparticipants file.

It might be possible to extract the data from the log file using from the demos menu in Coder.

Ok I’m on that page now. I’m not sure which psydat file I should use because it doesn’t look like there is a recent one that correponds to the log.gz file

Sorry, I meant (you can tell I’ve not actually used this)

ok I don’t think that did anything once I ran it but I appreciate you trying to help. I’m just going to keep it on csv from here on out.

Hello @elangston,

With my apologies for the delay in getting back to you, could you give me the full path for your experiments, Username / Experiment name, so I can have a look?


Hello! I’m having the same issue as reported above.

I have a new experiment that I’m analyzing data for. When the format is switched to “Database”, there is no db folder to get the database file. I’ve been able to get the db folder and the database file for other ongoing experiments.

Did anyone find a solution?