Is my experiment possible to create on psychopy

I am new to psychopy and struggling to get a handle on the software especially around loops. I am trying to create an experiment which flashes 10 image sets (10x2 paired images) to participants across 3 seperate timeframes (.55ms 2sec 10sec). Each image pair requires a brief textual description before it appears to denote its category to participants. The goal is for participants to select their preference for each image pair. Is it possible to create such an experiment on psychopy and if so any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


Do you want each pair to appear 3 times ? Do you want all the trials for each time to be in blocks or shuffled together? Do you want to randomise the positions of image1 and image2 or always have image1 on the left?

Yes it is essential that each pair appears together across the 3 different timeframes. It is also important that the trials for each time block together (10 image pairs presented for .55ms, followed by 10 image pairs presented for 2 seconds, followed by the 10 image pairs presented for 10 seconds). I think it would be better to randomise the positions of image1/image2 so pps do not get used to seeing one product on the left and the other on the right.

In that case you are looking at two concentric loops.

The inner loop should be set to random and point to your spreadsheet containing columns called image1 and image2 (10 rows)

The outer loop might be sequential or random and point to a different spreadsheet containing a column of your three times.

In a code component Begin Experiment set positions = [1 , -1]

In Begin Routine add shuffle(positions)

Multiply the X coordinate of one image component by positions [0] and the other by positions [1]

Thanks for your help will try that.

One more query is it possible to create text which is required to denote which image pair is about to appear onscreen.