Is it possible to run psychopy from a USB stick on a windows machine?

I saw a post back in 2012 on google that said it was possible on a mac.

Is it possible on a Windows machine? If so, how?

I tried, and frankly, wasn’t sure what to do.

An answer to this question would interest me as well. I have an experiment that uses video clips and measures reaction time, and I want to run the experiment where I can’t rely on the internet. Ideally I would want to test several people at once on their machines. Asking them to download python and all the dependencies my test needs is unrealistic. Any insight would be appreciated!

This is an old thread, but the only one I found that’s about running PsychoPy from a USB stick. I’ve run into this challenge myself. I’ve described the best approach I’ve found (for Windows) in a github repo: Please read the readme at the bottom of the repo’s main page.

Benefits of the approach are:

  • Not having to worry about what name the USB stick is assigned (“F:”, “G:”, et c.)
  • Not having to boot up the Builder every time you want to start an experiment.
  • The option of running experiments back-to-back, without having to launch each one individually.

If you try this out please write feedback here in the thread or as a Discourse PM to me. There’s bound to be something I’ve missed, and I want to make sure that I’m using the most reliable solution possible.

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Thanks Arboc! I will do that. I’m much closer to running the experiment than I was when I posted the question. With the pandemic many things have changed, but I will post back if I use your setup. Stay safe!

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