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Turn my PsychoPy experiment into basic application for Mac and Windows?

So I’m not totally useless, but I’m definitely not an amazing coder …through a few of years of blood, sweat and toil I’ve managed to write some PsychoPy (v1.90.2) code for a training experiment that I’ve designed. It has a pretest, then a one week training scheme (with 2 routes), then a post test, then a full training scheme, then a final post test.

At the moment, participants are directed through this by a PDF file, but I have some fears that participants will look at everything and quit the experiment, deciding it’s all a bit complicated-looking.

Given that the code is written, and works (and has been tested on both MacOS and Windows), it should be a case of just packaging them together into a more user-friendly application. But I need to get this experiment out asap (I’m already well behind with this PhD…) and don’t know how, or have time, to do this.

So if anyone is able to help me with this for a fee (remembering that I’m a student… ) then let me know what you think is reasonable, and we can discuss from there.

Thanks :slight_smile:


@Sam_Leak, you could always hide your experiment in a folder, and provide the participants with a batch file (.bat) for windows, or a bash file for Macs. You could name them appropriately, so that each file will run the relevant scripts depending on which part of the experiment needs to run.

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hello sam,

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Thanks! Is there a good place to read up on how to do that, that you recommend?

Thanks! I look forward to reading it - Sam

You can find online how to write batch scripts to call Python scripts, but the issue being that the user will need PsychoPy installed on their computer (or Python with PsychoPy dependencies installed), so it may be that you need the standalone app anyway.

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could you please drop me a mail at amanda at cisinlabs dot com , as i am unable to send PM.

Hi Sam,
If you are still looking out for some help, feel free to reach out to me as this is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on
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