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Can I run PsychoPy 32 bit on a 64-bit computer?

**PsychoPy version2021.1.4 (e.g. 1.84.x):
**Standard Standalone
**I want to make an experiment with 32-bit PsychoPy, since most computers in our language lab are 32-bit. My laptop is 64-bit. I’ve tried to run the 32-bit PsychoPy on my laptop, but it doesn’t work. Any solutions? Many thanks in advance

The experiment file shouldn’t be affected by what computer you’re running it on - so it should be perfectly fine to build on 64 bit computer and run on 32 bit computer, it’s the same experiment file either way

Thanks a lot for your reply. That will be great if the experiment created on a 64-bit computer can be run on a 32-bit computer too.

I’m still wondering why a 64-bit computer can not run 32-bit version PsychoPy. It doesn’t quite make sense to me.

What error message(s) are you getting?

Do both computers have the same version of PsychoPy?

Not the same version, my experiment was created on a Standalone Psychopy3- Win64, but the computers in our language labs are win32 system, so I’m thinking about creating the same experiment with Standalone Psychopy3-win 32. Unfortunately, my win64 laptop cannot run the win32 PsychoPy, simply no response, no window popping out.

Is the window not opening at all or is it also possible that it is only positioned off-screen? For me, it is sometimes necessary, to move the window back onscreen by opening PsychoPy, once opened press ALT+space, down-key, enter, then down-key again, then move mouse. Does the window re-appear in the display area of the screen following this trick?