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Is it possible to repeat trial in PsychoPy/Pavlovia?


Thanks for building and maintaining these really useful tools.

I’ve been using PsychoPy builder to create experiments and run them with Pavlovia. To determine trial types/order etc I (randomly) run through a pre-loaded spreadsheet that runs N number or trials.

In one of my tasks, participants have to make a mouse movement and then make a judgement about some stimuli that appear. I can record if they do the wrong movement and give them a warning signal instead of the question screen (e.g., they don’t get to make the judgment if they did the wrong thing, and are told they made a mistake). The script then continues to the next trial.

Is there a way to change the .js code so that trials where these errors occur are simply repeated? For example, if a participant makes a movement error on trial 25, can I make it so the builder code doesn’t progress to trial 26 but returns to trial 25 (with the same experimental condition parameters that would have been used beforehand) so they do it again?

Sorry if this is a stupid question - I’m a JavaScript novice!

Thanks again,


Check Brookes template (linked from my crib sheet) for a loop that repeats on incorrect answers.