The repeat trials are not working with Pavlovia?

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

I created a Psychopy experiment with the function, repeating the trials if the correct rate is lower than 85%. It is working on a local computer, but it is not working in the online experiment.

What is the problem?

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This is the same issue as this one right?

Dear Thomas,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, they are the same issue. I was informed that the problem is from ‘.thisN’ and ‘.finished’, which doesn’t work online. I have solved the problem partially by using dummy variables. The problem from ‘.thisN’ has been solved, but the problem from ‘.finished’ has not been solved.



I’ll consider this post closed then.

Thanks for your reply. The extra information is as follows.

I created a trial repeat that if participants do not respond correctly then the loop will repeat again. It is working offline (Psychopy). However, it is not working online (PsychoJS). I am using these two scripts.

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