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Is it possible to for the user to download results after completing an experiment?

I am interested in setting up an online paradigm. The users would be clinicians and the subjects would be patients. After the patient completes the experiment, the clinician will need to see a summary of the patient’s performance. I guess it should be simple enough to show results to the clinician, just like showing any other stimulus. But, is there a way to give the clinician an option to download the results in some form? Ideally I’d like them to be able to download some kind of formatted results (html maybe) as well as a csv type file for later analysis. Is that doable?

@ngagun, have you been to Pavlovia? Pavlovia is the place where you can run your online experiments and share the data within groups. The new dashboard would be the place to start. If your clinicians are part of your group, and have a Pavlovia account, they can download the results collected from your online studies.

That you for your reply. Yes, I’ve been checking out Pavlovia, and that’s what I’m hoping to use. But I’m afraid it needs to be simpler than that. It’s an experiment script that will be valuable to clinicians, but to gain any widespread use, it will need to be maximally simple to use. Even something like creating a login and learning how to download files is probably going to be a barrier. I need it to do something like pop up a dialog box saying “Would you like to save this file to your computer?” or even just auto-download it. Is there any mechanism for something along those lines?

Ok, if the clinicians are using Psychopy, they just need to push the sync button after data collection and that will collect all the data from the remote online repository on Pavlovia and save it to your local computer, in the same folder as the experiment. However, to use Pavlovia you will need to create an account, but it is very fast and only requires a name, email address and password, and you are ready to go.

Hmmm it doesn’t really sound like what I need… that would give everyone access to everyone else’s data as well. And they wouldn’t have psychopy installed, they would be using the web app. Maybe I need to take a different route, I may try compiling the psychopy script with nuitka or something so that it can run without python or any dependencies.

It depends on how you set up your study. You can set up different groups for different clinicians, and make the experiment private so that each group only see’s there own experiment.

Thank you for your suggestions, I will see what works out.