Is it possible to carry over participant ID in Qualtrics to Pavlovia experiment?

Description of the problem: I’m creating a study where participants, going through SONA, would first fill out a demographic questionnaire in Qualtrics and then complete an experiment in Pavlovia and then back to SONA. Does participant ID info from Qualtrics get carried over to Pavlovia through daisy chaining so that when looking at the data files, I can match the participants Qualtrics responses to their Pavlovia responses? Sorry if this wasn’t clear.

I know how to daisy chain between SONA, Qualtrics, and Pavlovia to give the SONA credits but was wondering if it will also record the participant ID in the pavlovia and Qualtrics data files as well.

Query strings. See here for what you would need to pass info from SONA to Qualtrics and set up an exit URL in Qualtrics to pass information to Pavlovia: Passing Information via Query Strings

And you can read about how to pick up the information on the Pavlovia end here: Pavlovia

The part I’m not sure about it how to set it up in SONA, but the Qualtrics and Pavlovia parts are easy.

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Thank you for your response. This is very helpful