Daisy Chaining Between 2 PsychoPy/Pavlovia Experiments

Description of the problem:

Hello! I am conducting an experiment that requires the carrying of a participant ID between SONA, Qualtrics, and Pavlovia. I am aware of the process to daisy chain between SONA → Qualtrics → Pavlovia → back to SONA (for credit). However, I have two Pavlovia experiments that need to be used and I want to carry the participant ID between the two experiments. While I am unfamiliar with daisy chaining, the guide/explanation provided in wakecarter’s crib sheet makes it seem as if I cannot use the exact same formatting as the other URL chaining steps. Is anyone aware of a way to carry the participant ID from SONA between two Pavlovia experiments?

For each program you need to know how it reads URL variables and how it creates them.

PsychoPy reads them via the expInfo dialogue box.

Qualtrics reads them via setting an embedded variable in the flow.

My video tutorial might help


Thank you so much! That video was very helpful in understanding the fundamentals of chaining. I tried my hand at formatting the link of my second experiment and put it into my first one. Does this look about right (just to transfer the participant ID)?

Yes, that looks correct.