Adding Pavlovia Credits


Since the Pavlovia reboot, I am not able to buy credits to run my experiments. Is anyone else having this problem/resolved it?

Thank you!

Hey @bgraham,

The store is one part of the site that we haven’t got up and running yet - getting experiments and data-collection back were more important - so you can’t currently buy credits but to get around that we have covered all projects with a temporary license so you can keep collecting data.

Cheers, Thomas

Oh fantastic! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello again,

I have two experiments with no credits on them because they were uploaded after the server went down so I have not been able to add credits to them.

Do you know when the credit system will return/the temporary licence will end? I’m worried the credit system will return and participants won’t be able to run the experiment if I don’t notice as soon as the experiments are no longer covered by the temporary license.

Thank you!

Hey, great question! I just made a post that informs you how you can stay updated about developments in restoring Pavlovia. How to stay informed about our progress in restoring Pavlovia

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