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ioHub with Eye Tribe eye-trackers

Hello everyone!

My lab is doing an experiment with the Eye Tribe eye trackers, but the Eye Tribe is not mentioned among the list of the supported eye-trackers by ioHub.

We are thinking of a way to transfer the code from the psychopy version 1.83.04 (a really old one) to the latest version (any of 3.xx.xx) that would incorporate the Eye Tribe. With the psychopy version 1.83.04 and the workaround provided by Sol (prior calibration of the trackers, changing of the configuration file) Eye Tribe experiments work perfectly.

My question is whether there is also a workaround to make the Psychopy 3 work with the Eye Tribe eye tracker. Moreover, is the Eye Tribe planned to be incorporated into Psychopy in the future or not? I would be thankful if anyone has any suggestions!