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Intermediates programming workshop July 2017

Want to get better at Python? Come to the intermediates 3-day workshop!

This is for people that know about basic syntax (loops, lists, dicts etc) but want to write more precise, more reusable code. Info at

Book now at

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the information about the workshops. I’m learning python now to be able to program experiments rather than use the builder, but the barriers for a graduate student getting to the UK for a workshop on programming are prohibitive. Will any of this be archived, or are there good materials with similar information pertinent to programming experiments on the web already?

Thanks for your time,


Sorry to hear that you aren’t able to attend the workshop. There are still many materials in our provided demos and online documentation and you’ll have to make the best you can from using those and practicing hard.

The real advantage of the workshops is spending time with support from people that are really proficient programmers, and being able to ask questions quickly as you get stuck.

best wishes,

Hi Jon,

Unfortunately I missed the last round of workshops, do you know when the next set might be?

Many thanks,