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3-day workshop "Programming Experiments in Python" Apr/May 2019

Bookings are now open for our 3 day workshop in Nottingham.

30th Apr - 2nd May (inclusive)

The workshop is very much about programming in Python (with very little about the Builder interface) but if you want to learn more about programming then this is a great way to do it! 3 days full immersion, building experiments from scratch in Python.

For more info see the link below, and hopefully we’ll see you in Nottingham!

Hi Jon,

Python 3 will be used?



Yes, most likely. So far I’ve usually used Py2 platform but writing code that will run on both. This time it will probably be Py3 only


for the workshop about accommodation,

I will probably arrive the 29th Apr from Marseille (France)

and i will leave the 3rd may.

  There is no optional extra for 4 nights? ( 1 night before, 1 night after)

  Your extra accommodation is in a hotel? can you give me the name i will book in the same hotel.




The accommodation is actually in a university hall of residence and they only make it available for block bookings (they won’t b open for a small number of people).

For the night following the workshop I would suggest you go to a hotel in the city instead. That also means you can spend the evening closer to the restaurants etc without having to get a tram back out to the university at the end of the evening.

Although it’s annoying to move locations, it will probably be better!

best wishes,