ioLabs Button Box

Hi all.

We are trying to use the ioLab Button box with psychopy in windows. Is there a driver required for it to work?

There is a driver for this button box included with psyscope X but it is Mac only.

Would love to hear others experiences.


You should really describe what you have done so far and what did/didn’t happen, what happened with the built-in ioLab demo, as well as details of your setup.

We get USBbox not defined error

The demo didn’t work either. It seems that despite the inclusion of the button box in the builder GUI the library is not installed by default. Once the library is manually installed, the demo and the built script run fine.

This seems like a bug to me since someone using only the GUI is going to have issues.

OK, so what you’re saying is that there is a packaging problem (in that the ioLab library is supposed to be bundled within the standalone distribution), but once you addressed that by manually installing it, you can now successfully use the button box?

(I guess that we should also clarify that you are actually using the standalone distribution, rather than a custom installation of PsychoPy into your own Python environment?)

Yes sorry - I should have included that information originally but I was asking if I had a driver issue and was not expecting a library issue (PsyScope X requires a driver for the button box).

Yes we are using the standard distribution. We have tested under OSX and Windows and the library appears to require a custom install in both cases (the demo does not run).