Install two different PsychoPy versions in parallel


I had a question: How do you install a second (newer) version of PsychoPy without uninstalling the older version? If I try and install the newer version a popup asks if I want to uninstall the older version, but if I say no/cancel the installation of the newer version doesn’t continue.

Reason for not wanting to uninstall the older version is that it’s at my internship and they want to keep using the older version because they programmed their tasks in that version (and they work now obviously). However, my task doesn’t work with that old version but it does in the newer version

I hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

You need to specify your operating system.

I’m actually wondering the same thing. Would this be possible on macOS Sierra?

Oh I totally forgot! I’m actually using Windows 7 on this computer.

Fortunately I’ve just found a solution myself :slight_smile: Apparently if you rename the older version folder and then try to install the newer version it works. It will still ask whether you want to uninstall the older version (I clicked yes), but it doesn’t uninstall it and it will install the newer version in parallel :slight_smile:

In any case thank you for your interest to help me out!


It is easy on Mac OS. Just give each standalone copy a different name.

Great, thank you very much!

What would be the procedure to do it on windows? (other than renaming the existing directory)

I’m not sure how I did it but my recent installation of 2021.1.4 overwrote an older version so I still have 2020.2.10 (which is ideal for working with the live experiments). What happens if you just say no to deleting the old version?

there is no “no” … there are two options “install and delete old” and “cancel installation”.
I have been renaming directories, but I thought maybe there is a better way…

can you elaborate on giving each standalone copy a different name? is it like applications - How do I rename an app in MacOS properly? - Ask Different

i simply renamed them in application folder, as michael probably meant. work so far, will report here if anything breaks

I have two copies on my laptop since I sometimes help people still using 2020.2.10. I just renamed the shortcut on the desktop.