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While debugging this, I found a directory structure that works for both local debug mode and Pavlovia, with output path = html:

|-- conditions.xlsx
|-- html
|   |-- index.html
|   |-- IVA_V1.js
|   |-- IVA_V1-legacy-browsers.js
|   `-- resources
|       |-- conditions.xlsx
|       `-- resources
|           |-- *.png
|-- IVA_V1.psyexp
`-- resources
    |-- *.png

This setup requires images placed in /resources/*.png, and conditions.xlsx referring to them as resources/*.png. Any other combination (/*.png, /images/*.png, /html/resources/*.png, /html/resources/images/*.png, etc) does not work for both run modes. Export HTML copies the images to /html/resources/resources/*.png, and this seems to work.

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