Inconsistent start-up: trouble downloading different resources each time

Hello all,

The pandemic continues, as does online experimentation! I am having a strange error while running my new experiment through Pavlovia. It seems to be having trouble with different resource files each time, throwing errors like:

Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

when downloading the resources for experiment: SIEP
unable to download resource: sp2/S17_calm.mp3 (4)

Try to run the experiment again. If the error persists, contact the experiment designer.

It’s almost never the same file that has problems loading. At other times, all the resources download correctly and the experiment begins to run. Is this because I may have too many files, or is there some other source of the error? The (4) after some of these is troubling to me, since it seems like it may be trying to download the same resource multiple times (update: the 4 is likely because I have 4 files with the same name in different subfolders… not sure if this is a problem or not).

Update: refreshing the page will sometimes allow resources to download successfully; sometimes it takes multiple refresh attempts.