Incomplete Responses upon Completing Survey


I am currently running a pilot for my study. However, once the survey has been completed the data is appearing as incomplete and I cannot access participants data. Is there a way to rectify this or does anyone have an explanation as to why this is happening?


Please could you clarify what you mean here.

Are you seeing anything on the data tab? Have you clicked on the refresh icon (bottom left)?

Incomplete currently means that not all questions were answered.

Yes I can see the responses in the data tab, I have looked at the responses and it appears that all participants have answered every question.

My survey has randomisation in it, will all responses come up as incomplete because they have not been exposed to each condition?

So is there a problem apart from the word “incomplete”?

No that seems to be the only issue I can see

Cool. I thought there might be an additional issue since you said you couldn’t access it

I’m hoping that the complete column will be replaced by a simple count of the number of questions answered in the near future.

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Is it possible that a response is categorised as incomplete if not all questions have been answered even if they are not required?

I am currently testing out my surveys and first I got two sub-survey that I completed got labelled as incomplete.

I completed those again and found that when I also filled out the optional open-ended questions, then the response was labelled as complete. The second survey, I complete and complete but the response is always set as incomplete.

If that is a feature, I would vote (if I can) to change this. This is highly confusing. In my view, a complete response if the participant filled out all required questions.