Pavlovia Survey Not Terminating and Recording Complete Responses

Hi there,

I have been trying to fix this for a couple of hours but nothing seems to be working. I really need to fix this quite urgently as it’s for a group therapy evaluation, with the first session this afternoon.

For some reason, my survey will not terminate once the participant hits complete. I have run through the link numerous times. If I do not fill in any responses, it will say ‘initialising experiment termination’ but records my response as incomplete. If I click any responses, it will not even recording the experiment as incomplete - it will not terminate at all.

I have tried setting required responses, adding logic to a survey complete page, and trying to edit the JSON text to reflect other surveys I have that don’t have this issue. However, nothing has made a difference.

I would really appreciate any insight into this.

Thank you.

Hi There,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. Would you please be able to share the JSON for your survey here? You can select “download” in the survey creator tool and share that here.

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Hi Becca,
This is Lorna from the emails - I’m attaching my colleague’s JSON file - any help would be greatly appreciated!

survey_4c155e2f-ac85-44e9-9842-7bfa5bca2107.json (1.7 MB)


I’m sorry we don’t have a fix for this yet. I’ve done some investigation and it seems to be a new bug related to one or more of the following features:

Final page with no question (just html)
Required questions (possibly especially just before the final page).
First page as a start page.
A catch page (no navigation buttons if you reach it, for example because you don’t consent).

The first two items on this list are the most likely candidates, but it will need deeper investigation.

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Please check your variable names and remove punctuation from them. I think the error may be caused by a full stop, since that is also used to denote the separation of a variable name and the row name in a matrix table or checkbox question.

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Hi Wake,
Thank you for looking into this, looks like two of the variables did have full stops in them (although fixing only one of them fixed the problem, probably because it was required and the other one wasn’t - might be interesting for you to know).
Thanks for your help!

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