Images not getting synced correctly

Description of the problem:

I use images in my experiments that are set dynamically within the code. For some of them, the most recently edited versions of them do not get displayed but rather older versions even if they are synced. I verify from the “code” view of the experiment and find that the images of interest are up to date and look as they have been edited to look like. But while the experiment is running, those do not get displayed but older versions of them. I also do the browser refresh at the beginning of the experiment, and still get the same issue.

I sometimes have a similar issue when I change a spreadsheet. If you use a different Browser or device then you should see the latest version. You can also try an incognito tab.

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The incognito tab worked! Thanks!

For the other options, when I tried running the experiment in another browser (Chrome), I got a FILE_LOAD_ERROR: “unable to download resource: SomeFile.png”, which I did not get in Firefox whether in the incognito mode or not.