Images do not load on Pavlovia

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When I sync my PsychoPy expt with Pavlovia, the online version does not load any of the images, stating that the resource cannot be found. I have tried to delete the local html folder (and all folder generated during the java conversion) and resync and I have also deleted the online project several times and started afresh.
I have even made a very simplistic mini-expt in Psychopy that only loads 3 images (does not loop over trials) and I have run it in a local browser (not via Nothing has worked, after java conversion the images are not loaded.


Your error message states that PsychoPy is looking for the image on your local C: drive. Check that all of your paths are relative to the position of your psyexp file.

Also check that Experiment Settings / Online / Output path is blank. You shouldn’t have an html folder.

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Thanks, yes the outpath containing “html” was the origin for the errors in the full experiment.