Image file names case insensitive

URL of experiment: Images · master · Lee / Faces8 · GitLab

Description of the problem: I’ve uploaded the experiment on Pavlovia. I’m not sure what went wrong when I tried to upload on Pavlovia, I also noticed that the ‘Image1.png’ is being changed to ‘image1.png’. Then I tried to change it into a different name(with capital letters) and uploaded it, it worked and when I changed it back to ‘Image1.png’ and uploaded it to Pavlovia it worked (Image1.png’). I see this is the problem with OS, not Psychopy or Pavlovia.

All in all, the image file names are being case insensitive. Any leads will be appreciated

Typically file names are case insensitive in Windows and case sensitive in UNIX (and therefore online).

I would recommend that you use lower case for all filenames in your experiments so you don’t run into case issues.