HTML files not generating - psychopy version 3.2.4 on MACos Mojave

I would like to upload my experiment in Pavlovia to run the experiment online (I have already done that in the past and it worked) but I am having issues with the generation of the HTML folder. When I try to export the HTML folder (builder option: file --> export HTML), an “HTML” folder creates but only the subfolder “resources” is created and not the .js and index.js file. I have already looked at some previous topics here and I have tried different strategies (remove the folder from the cloud, changing parts of code components) but nothing seems to work. Unfortunately, no error message appears so I cannot show it here.

Thank you for your time and help!


Hi There!

Do you get any alerts in your stdout window when you try to compile? is it possible that you are trying to use a component that cannot be compiled to JS? (like here Export HTML doesn't create .js file)


No, the stdout window only shows the current version of psychopy and I’m quite sure that it’s not an issue with the use of a component that cannot be compiled to JS because it’s basically the same task as one that I had already run online. I think I have found the source of the issue (maybe): I duplicated a folder that contained a task and its resources - called “task 1”- and called it “task 2” and, instead of creating a new .psyexp file, I renamed it and changed few things from it (it saved a lot of time because it’s quite long a complex). I think that the issue was in changing the name of the task. I have gone back to the folder “task 1” and changed the things directly in that folder and it generated the HTML with all the files.

Thank you!

pleased you found your solution!