HTML display - bug?


Possible bug?

If you have an html with long text (in my case the participant information sheet) followed by another question in the same page (in my case consent form - radiogroup type of Q) then it will display only the bottom part of of the html along with the radiogroup question i.e. you have to scroll up to read the html from the beginning.

You can overcome this by having the two questions on different pages but still it would be nice if the size of the html is respected.


There is a solution to this, under the survey options.

Untick focus first question on a new page.

that’s a good one @wakecarter . So in surverjs html is not actually considered a question per se.
Thanks again.

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Hi @wakecarter sorry for getting back to you on this “issue”. It now appears, after implementing your suggestion, that once I select an answer to the radiogroup question - which is placed after the html text - it jumps back to the top of the html text. So I will need to scroll down to press the start/next button.

Please could you send a link. I don’t get that behaviour here: Pavlovia Survey

Also, I normally recommend checkbox items for consent questions, though perhaps you want to force people to say whether they consent or not rather than have consent as opt-in with non-consent as the default.

sorry @wakecarter . It was there yesterday but not any more :man_facepalming: