How to use two keyboard in a dual EEG task?

Hello everyone,
I have a dual EEG task in which I want to record participants EEG signals during doing the task simultaneously. I need to trials begin at the same time for both participants and thus I need to use two keyboard paradigm(two button box) for which when both of them pressed the start key the task begins. Is it possible to implement this in the builder view?(I am a python novice). If not, would you help me write the right code please?
Any help would be appreciated.

OS: Win10

Haven’t you already posted this (or something very similar) very recently. Please could you tidy up your threads and also check for other people posting similar questions…I’ve definitely commented on at least one over the past week or so.

Hi Fazel,

I am going to guide users towards this response here The two participants perform an experiment at the same time - #2 by Becca since these topics are very similar and it will be easier for us to keep support to a single thread :slight_smile:


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