Multiplayer fMRI Task?

Hi all,

Does anyone have any tips/resources for building multiplayer experiments? I’m relatively new to PsychoPy and am looking to convert a single-player task to partner-based experiment. I’d like to have two participants completing the same task simultaneously trial-by-trial, each able to see the other person’s response at the conclusion of each trial. I’m also hoping to adaptively modulate parameters like the allowed response time and fixation times depending on their partner’s performance.

This is an fMRI task and would ideally utilize a single computer running two ‘instances’ of the study simultaneously (with two button boxes), with each ‘instance’ passing data to the other. Does this sound possible? Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you!

If you can have two button boxes being recognised as different responses in the same experiment then that sounds possible. However, I think it would need to be one experiment rather than two running in parallel.

Thanks, I see on another thread that multiple inputs are allowed on Mac/Linux, so I think that could work!

One more question – if running the task as a single experiment rather than two in parallel, would it still be possible to output two different streams simultaneously? Part of the task is to restrict participants from seeing each other’s screens until feedback is given at the end of the trial.

It may be possible to specify two windows and address them separately. However, another option would be to extend the desktop across the two screens so one participant sees right of centre and the other sees left

This thread may help with the two screens

Thanks, this is super helpful!