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How to use multiple Rating Scale in single routine?

I am looking for a solution. How to take multiple ratings of a single image?

For an Example, In a routine, I want to add multiple rating scales for a single image.
let’s say We have 5 questions and we want to take 5 ratings on a single picture. The image will stay on an infinite time. There are five rating scale and each one flash one after another when the response was made. But now the problem arises that these scales are overlapping each other. I can’t figure out there end time. The end time depends on subjects respond time.

How to seprate them, So we can respond to each scale’s rating.

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PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.90.x):

Perhaps just have five separate consecutive routines, showing the same image, but with a different rating scale on each? Have the routine end when a rating is made, so that the next one appears immediately afterwards.

Thanks, Michael for the response.
Your solution is appropriate.
According to the experiment design, the image needs to randomize every time so I thought “without trying” the image will change in the next routine. After your answer, I tried it and it works fine. Although I was able to get the solution but it was more complex than your solution.

I again thank you for the simple and straightforward solution.

Yes, the way to think of this is that the loop randomises across trials (equivalent to one iteration of the loop). A given trial can be made up of any number of routines. As long as those routines are within the same loop, they will have access to the same variables for the current iteration of that loop.

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Could you tell me how to give feedback for subjects rating?

In this following situation when rating will be made I want to give feedback on the subject’s response.

Can you be more specific?

Secondly, now that I think about it, it might be possible to do the multiple ratings within one routine, in the arrangement you show in the image above. You can make the start time for a component be a condition rather than a set time, so while you set the start time for rating_Emotion to a fixed time of say 2.0, you could make the start of rating_Clarity be a condition like:

$rating_Emotion.status == FINISHED

and so on for the other rating scales (but I’m not too familiar with how that works for rating scales, as they behave a bit differently to other components).

I did exactly in the same way you are mentioning above. In the start time of rating_Clarity I used $rating_Emotion.status==FINISHED condition.

But if I want to give feedback for rating_Emotion how it can be done? At this point in time, I am using the mouse for ratings.
Let’s say there is an Image showing Anger emotion and I get a rating for the same by showing rating scale mentioning different type of emotion along with Anger. If the subject responds differently than there will be a feedback saying “This is Anger Emotion” or “Your Response was Incorrect”.
In this situation, I am using the rating scale as subjects response. So How feedback will be done?