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Repeating stimuli with ratings

OS Yosemite (10.10.5)
PsychoPy version 1.84.2
Standard Standalone

I am new to this program so apologies in advance. I am trying to present the same stimulus twice in a row, with one type of rating for the first presentation, and a different type of rating for the second presentation. Ideally, the stimuli would be all be randomized, but the repeats would not (i.e., the same image would be presented back-to-back in order to gather the different ratings on the same image).

I have tried to do this in the same loop, but am having issues getting the image to repeat once with the different rating prompt. I also tried to separate them out into different trials, but that didn’t seem to work either.

I hope this makes sense and would really appreciate any input people have.

Hello. You just need to have several different consecutive routines within your loop to make up a trial. The values of your stimulus variables are updated only when the loop starts over, so you can refer to the same image name variable several times within the same iteration of the loop.

(1) Show your image on the first routine, using your image name variable to control which picture appears. Follow it with your first rating.
(2) In the second type of routine, insert another image stimulus, linked to the same image name variable. Follow it with the second sort of rating.

The randomisation will do exactly what you want: random images across trials, but the same image shown within a trial.

Thank you, Michael! This was really helpful :slight_smile: