How to transfer participant ID from Sona -> Limesurvey -> Limesurvey -> Pavlovia/PsychoPy -> Sona

Description of the problem: I’ve made an experiment in PsychoPy as well as 2 surveys in lime survey. I would like to transfer participant IDs from Sona to the first Limesurvey, then to the second Limesurvey, then to the Pavlovia experiment, and then back to Sona. I am assuming this is done using daisy chaining and know how to go from Sona → Limesurvey → Sona as well as Sona → Pavlovia → Sona, but not how to combine them. Any help would be appreciated

Hi @Ksab22,

I’m unfortunately not familiar with Limesurvey, but you can read about daisy chaining more generally in the documentation here.

Hope this helps,