How to pass participant ID from Google Form to Pavlovia?

Hi there,
I would like to build an experiment consisting in three steps:

  1. Participants fill out some questionnaires and respond to demographic questions on a Google Form
  2. Participants will be directed via URL link to Pavlovia and complete a task
  3. Participants will be redirected to Google Form to submit and conclude the experiment.

My troubles are two and they are linked to two questions:

  1. How can I pass participant ID from Google Form to Pavlovia automatically?
  2. How can I redirect participants, after they completing the Pavlovia task, to Google Form?

Thanks in advance to everyone!

Google forms are convenient for simple stand alone questionnaires where you want to be able to share the data. Pavlovia Surveys or the VESPR Study Portal would be better for your use case.

In Google forms you can add a clickable link to the completion page, but I don’t think you can add any variables from your form.

You can apparently send variables to a form in the URL if you set up the correct name for one of your survey questions.