Send participant from one experiment to another

Description of the problem:
I’d like to send a participant from one pavlovia experiment to another and retain the participant number.
I read on the forum about Completed URL and something but I don’t really get it.

I did this method


but when the second experiment loads it does not load with the participant number already filled in, it’s empty. Do I need to use some code? Do I need to do anything else besides the URL? Is this even possible for a piloted experiment? Or do I have to run it?

Hi @joehank,

What version of PsychoPy are you using? If you complete the experiment, what value is displayed in the participant column of the data file?


Hey @shabkr . I use v2022.2.5. Do you mean in the experiment that sends or the experiment that receives? Both use the value in the participant box (in the example sender is 5 and recipient is 159863)

Hi @joehank,

Thanks for clarifying! Looking closely, it appears the issue is with the URL of the second experiment.
Because you are piloting, there are extra parameters in the URL (__pilotToken,__oauthToken). These are interfering with the participant parameter you have added.

URL parameters are indicated with ?variable=value after the URL.
If there are multiple URL parameters, you need to use &variable=value.

When Piloting, try changing the ?participant= to &participant=. This should properly add your participant parameter to the other parameters in the URL.

Note that when running you will probably need use ?participant= if participant is the only URL parameter.
Once your experiment is ready, I recommend spending a couple tokens to test the RUN version before you distribute it to participants, just in case there were issues you didn’t see in the pilot version.

Hope that helps,

Hey thank you all issues are solved.