How to install update of PsychoPy in Ubuntu without using Terminal code

I am not able at the moment to use the Terminal and thus the code related to install updates of PsychoPy. I was recommended to install the updates at the following link Release PsychoPy 2022.2.2 · psychopy/psychopy · GitHub. I am not sure about the files to download but I have picked up:

  1. [StandalonePsychoPy-2022.2.2-win64.exe ]
  2. [Source code (zip) ]

I do know not which program choose in Ubuntu (since I am completely new at this system) to update the file. Could you please just let me which of those recommended by Ubuntu, would you recommend?


There are potentially several issues here. Firstly, the .exe file is an executable for Windows that will not work on Ubuntu. The .zip is what you want. Secondly, if your system is truly locked down such that you don’t have access to a terminal, then you’re likely not going to be able to install software regardless.

Are you sure, however, that you don’t have access to a terminal? What happens when you click on the start icon and type in “terminal”?

To address the more general question, installing PsychoPy without the use of a terminal, whilst, strictly speaking, certainly not impossible, would likely demand some creativity. If you have some sort of pre-existing pip-gui project installed, you could install the necessary packages, but such a program would need to be installed through pip, which is run on the command line.